An alternative "text a parent" solution that eliminates costly SMS text message credits. We deliver your alerts using well-known apps for free.

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Transparent Pricing Model is free for parents and there are NO SMS costs. Alerts are delivered as push notifications through apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber & Telegram. A budget-friendly annual service fee is the only cost for schools.

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Management Features

Schools can power their communications strategy through the website. Alerts can be targeted to classes, individual parents, or the entire school. We import all your numbers from a spreadsheet at the start of the school year.

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Quick & easy to get started

All you need is your Roll Number to set up your school and it takes seconds to create a free account. Parents can register on this site and link to their preferred app channel to receive alerts (Messenger, Telegram or Viber).

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We deliver alerts through familiar smartphone apps
for free to reduce school costs

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For most of us, there's Facebook Messenger...

Rather than rely on costly SMS messages, targets smartphones using Facebook Messenger. The majority of parents already have this App on their phone and they are used to it. It's a quick and free way to send targeted messages to parents through a familiar channel.

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For everybody else, there's Telegram & Viber

If you do not use Facebook, then there are other options you may already be familiar with. Telegram and Viber are becoming increasingly popular for messaging services. They are both free and easy to use. These apps will work for any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows).

Frequently Asked Questions for Schools

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Our SMS Cost Comparison Tool

The cost comparison tool allows you to compare your annual SMS costs with our flat-rate service fee. Many schools spend over €800 per year on traditional SMS messages while the model is capped at just €299 including VAT and all app messages are free of charge.

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Available for all Primary & Secondary Schools is now ready, willing and able to be used by over 3800 primary and secondary schools across Ireland. Schools can quickly register to try our the service by similar providing their Roll ID number. From here we can join the dots and create an account for your school.

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