Huge savings to be made for all schools specializes in reducing your school's reliance on SMS text messaging. We link your parents to well-known smartphone apps such as Viber, Messenger or Telegram. Any parent that links up gets your messages for FREE. Sure, a small number may not own a smartphone and we fall back to SMS in this case, but the cost for these SMS is less that what you are currently spending. Take a look at this image from a account, where a message was recently issued to 321 parents:

The total cost to send the school message to all 321 parents was just 88 cent! That's because the school has almost all their parents linked up to a smartphone app through Only 19 parents have yet to link up and these are the only messages that a school needs to pay for. 

Lets compare this with an SMS Texting Provider

Depending on the SMS provider, a text message costs in an around 5 cent per message. With 321 parents, this works out as follows:

  • SMS Provider = 321 * €0.05 + VAT= €19.74
  • cost = 19 SMS Subcribers * €0.038 + VAT = €0.88
  • app cost = 302 recipients go free!

Now consider the savings you would make over an entire school year with this new approach to parent communications. Any school that has moved to has immediately noticed huge cost savings. It's quick to set up and we do most of the set up work. With Winter upon us, now is a great time to consider switching to to avail of this modern business model that saves money for your school throughout the year.

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