Effective: August 10th 2018

Summary of Privacy Statement

This policy covers how SchoolAlerts.ie treats Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) that SchoolAlerts.ie collects, stores and processes through the service. SchoolAlerts.ie is used to send alerts to parents from their primary and/or secondary school that is subscribed to the service. Alerts are issued through a combination of channels such as SMS, Email and smartphone app channel partners such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber. At all times the school is in control of what information they issue, while the parent is in control of what information they receive. Schools are Data Controllers for the parent database they use on SchoolAlerts.ie, while in that case SchoolAlerts.ie is their nominated Data Processor for a series of nominated tasks. Parents may also register independently on the service and, in this case, SchoolAlerts.is is the Data Controller and Data Processor. This privacy statement sets out how SchoolAlerts.ie and Pin Point Alerts Ltd (the company that owns the service) processes personal data, secures this personal data, and the various company policies that adheres to General Data Protection Regulation.

The following Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) is gathered from parents ("subscribers"):

1. Irish Mobile Number
SchoolAlerts.ie is provided exclusively to Irish phone holders. For that reason, you must have a unique login to SchoolAlerts.ie and your mobile number is used to create and access your account. Your mobile number will also be used to send you occasional SMS messages, including an activation SMS after the parent registers. Only mobile numbers that are linked to a school's parent database will be allowed to register on SchoolAlerts.ie.

2. Password
You need to authenticate with SchoolAlerts.ie to access your account. Passwords are created at registration and they are salted/hashed on the SchoolAlerts.ie server – passwords are never stored in plain text.

4. Email Address
SchoolAlerts.ie uses your email address to send you email alerts from your school as well as receive various service updates from SchoolAlerts.ie. The email address is a unique entity in the SchoolAlerts.ie database and it is also used to reset your account password, if you forget it. In extremely rare cases, your email address is used to send out service updates, policy changes and changes to the SchoolAlerts.ie terms and conditions if further consent is required.

5. IP address
An Internet protocol (“IP”) address is the unique number assigned to your Internet communicator device or Internet Service Provider (“ISP”). SchoolAlerts.ie may track such IP addresses for system administration, site tracking, to prevent our servers from being abused and for other uses described in this Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Obligations between Schools and SchoolAlerts.ie:

To offer this service to schools, we insist that a signed GDPR-compliant "Data Controller : Data Processor Agreement" is in place between SchoolAlerts.ie and the school. We provide a generic 2-page template to schools to asisst with this task but SchoolAlerts.ie will work with any agreement made available by the school, so long as both parties remain compliant with all aspects of Data Protection legislation. Some features of the website will not be available to schools until a signed GDPR agreement is in place.

Summary of how we use the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we gather:

We use the PII to allow you to manage your unique account. We require your contact details to correctly send notifications to parents, and we require a unique username (mobile number) for you to create an account. Your password is used to access your SchoolAlerts.ie account. In the case of poor behaviour on our site (e.g., attempted insults of your local authority) we may use your IP Address to identify any potential threats or insulting behaviour.

The people that are given access to personal information:

SchoolAlerts.ie (Pin Point Alerts Ltd) is the sole processor of the SchoolAlerts.ie user database. We will solely use your PII details for the purposes of identifying if you should receive a text/email/app notification and, subsequently, we will use your contact details to correctly deliver the notification and/or alert. At no time is the SchoolAlerts.ie subscriber database made available to external 3rd parties, nor is it foreseen to engage with external companies that can access the subscriber database at any time. If this policy changes then all subscribers will be notified in writing. If SchoolAlerts.ie engages 3rd party agencies for any IT development work then it will take place on a cloned version of SchoolAlerts.ie with an empty subscriber database.

The security measures we have in place to protect your personal information:

We have put in place reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to help safeguard information we collect through the SchoolAlerts.ie website. However, you should know that no company, including SchoolAlerts.ie/Pin Point Alerts Ltd, can fully eliminate security risks associated with Personally Identifiable Information (PII). To help protect yourself, please use a strong password, do not use the same passwords to access your SchoolAlerts.ie accounts that you use with other accounts or services, and protect your user names and passwords to help prevent others from accessing your accounts and services.

A subscriber can choose to delete their account at any time and they will be instantly removed from the live SchoolAlerts.ie subscriber database. However, PII we collect will be contained in secure encrypted backups for a maximum of 14 days after a subscriber has unsubscribed from the system. The 14-day period is part of Pin Point Alerts Ltd’s corporate backup strategy and is within a reasonable time to remove the subscriber. However, if a subscriber unsubscribes from SchoolAlerts.ie then they shouldn’t receive any further alerts from the service within 3-4 hours (the live subscriber database is cached throughout the day at a maximum of 4-hour intervals for performance reasons).

What Choices Do We Give You and How Can You Correct or Review Your Personal Information?

Login to SchoolAlerts.ie .ie to manage or close your account
SchoolAlerts.ie allows subscribers to login and manage their account with the username (email address) and password they created during the registration process. The login area is accessed from www.schoolalerts.ie/login. After a subscriber logs into the SchoolAlerts.ie website they can change their contact preferences to receive alerts on various channels or to delete their account entirely (follow the “Close Account” links).

Our use of cookies:

The SchoolAlerts.ie website makes use of cookies which are small digital files that are stored in your web browser that enable us to track your return visits to our website. We use cookies to ensure an improved user experience. The purpose of cookies on www.SchoolAlerts.ie .ie is also used to speed up the load time for web pages on subsequent visits to the website. Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, which is fine and the service will continue to operate, but we recommend you have them enabled to help us personalise your experience of the SchoolAlerts.ie website.

Where does the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) database and backups reside?

All aspects of SchoolAlerts.ie including databases and websites are hosted within the European Union. At no stage is PII transferred to a 3rd country outside of the European Union. Backups are fully encrypted and stored securely in Ireland for a maximum period of 14 days before self-deleting. We are happy to share further information on our storage and security practices with our clients and subscribers at any time. See the Frequently Asked Questions sections for Parents and Schools on the SchoolAlerts.ie website.

Questions and Complaints

If you believe SchoolAlerts.ie maintains your personal data (PII) incorrectly then you may direct any inquiries or complaints concerning our Data Protection and GDPR compliance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will respond within a maximum of 3 working days. If you want us to forcibly remove you from the SchoolAlerts.ie system (i.e. you are not able to use the SchoolAlerts.ie Unsubscribe service listed above) then it will take up to 7 working days. If we fail to respond within that time, or if our response does not address your concern, then please contact Pin Point Alerts Ltd directly at 01 2544363. It may be a case that your email did not arrive, and we want to ensure we deal with your inquiry as soon as possible.

How We May Update Our Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may collect and use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in ways not previously disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Therefore, if our information practices change we will post any adjustments to our policy on this website and change the “Last Updated” date above. Unless additional notice or further consent is explicitly required by applicable laws, this will serve as your notification of these changes. You will not be “auto-consented” into any new parts of SchoolAlerts.ie that require additional PII. If you are concerned about how your information is used, bookmark this page on your web browser and check back periodically.