Affordable Message Pricing for all Schools

With free app messages, we dramatically reduce your messaging costs free school alerts for parentsThe pricing model is designed to keep your costs down and offer a budget-friendly alternative to older "SMS Credit" plans. We believe that at least 80% of your parents will be able to link up to a smartphone app that's offered by (Messenger, Viber or Telegram). Any parent that links up is contactable for free going forward. Meanwhile, those parents that do not own a smartphone can be contacted at near cost-price SMS as a fallback. We charge just 3.8 cent + VAT for any fallback SMS, beating all other providers.

Create a print-friendly Board of Mgt. report in under 30 seconds

Choose from the following drop downs and this will allow us to provide a print-friendly cost proposal that is unique to your school. We calculate pricing proposals for each school based on a 39-week school year. This means if you send 2 alerts per week then it is calculated as 78 alerts per year, and so on. You can use this report to assist in any decision making process and the report compares us with your current SMS provider. We are confident we will beat your SMS Service Provider on price and quality at all times.

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